For the first time ever, Virtual Hunter brings a realistic hunting experience to the virtual reality
platform. Virtual Hunter offers a larger, open hunting ground that is set in Bulgaria, Europe.
There you will find animals such as the majestic Red deer and the elusive European hare
roaming freely in the 16km2 of Bulgarian wilderness. How you approach the hunt is all up to you
in this open sandbox style game, but you will need to be sharp if you intend to be successful.
So pack your gear, master the realistic weapon handling and ballistics at the range and then
head out into the open wilderness!

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● Your Hunt – Select from one of three weapons, pack your other essential equipment, set
the time and then step out into the wilderness. Track animals, use hunting towers or
follow your intuition and see what you find. How you decide to hunt is totally up to you!
● Hunting Mechanics – Gameplay focuses on the hunt. So pay close attention to your
visibility and noise when approaching animals… be sure to use the environment to your
advantage and always keep the wind in your face!
● Unique Wildlife – Each species has their own unique behavior and senses, which
makes them challenging and interesting to hunt. Learning their behavior and finding their
home ranges will be key to a successful hunt. Each hunt is always a new adventure and
seeing as you get a fresh spawn of animals each time, a new challenge!
● Steady your aim – With our weapon stabilization system, you can make very accurate
shots, even at longer distances. Taking a clean shot is important, the animal will go down
faster and save you a long tracking job!
● Trophies – You can unlock trophy statues in the lodge by taking down big animals with
the correct weapon or ammo type. There are four different trophy ranks for every animal
and each animal has different fur types. These trophies will even keep track of your
personal best!
We look forward to developing this game alongside you, and can’t wait for your feedback. Our
immediate plans include more animal species, more weapons, more items and some new
features! All of these will of course be developed closely with the community’s feedback in mind.

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