Top 5 Best PlayStation 4/5 Hunting Games

5. Open Country PS4

arcade style open world hunting game. Experience fishing, vehicular, and hiking elements. explore and survive among the untamed wilds and enjoy the open spaces.  

4. The Hunter Call Of The Wild PS4

Experience an atmospheric hunting game, with realistic graphics and gameplay in this huge open world game. Play single player or with friends.

3. Hunting Simulator PS4

Awesome realistic graphics with immersive gameplay and intense hunting experience. Feel the simulation of being outdoors and enjoy nature.

2. Cabelas African Adventure PS4

Track a variety of wild animals across 6 different African countries, while on a safari. Feel the heat of the african sun and walk in the african jungle, with exciting gameplay and moments.

1. Hunting Simulator 2 PS4/5

Hunt with your dog by your side, with 33 different animal species. over 160 weapons, accessories and clothing items. Hunt down animals with realistic behaviors and advanced artificial intelligence.

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