Hunting games are awesome for those who like a more laid-back approach to shooting games. It’s clear that shooting games are often with the most action in themselves, but hunting isn’t always such game. Instead, these games let us hunt various animals, beasts or whatever living being you want. If you are a pacifist, you may not like hunting games. However, if you are open-minded and love hunting, I think that these games will do the trick. Below is the list of 10 Best Hunting Games for PC. Get your guns, bows, and arrows and let’s do some hunting!


00:00 Intro
00:33 Hunting Simulator
02:47 The Isle
03:40 Far Cry Primal
05:00 Animallica
07:05 TheHunter: Call of the Wild
07:35 Depth
08:33 Far Cry 4
09:49 Toukiden: Kiwami
12:02 Monster Hunter: World

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