Welcome to my video showing you guys my top 4 Action / Adventure Hunting RPG games on the Sony Playstation Vita (PS VITA) for 2014. If you don’t know what type of game that is, then the easiest comparison to make is “Games like Monster Hunter”

This video was made before January 8th 2014, so please bare this in mind when watching!

I count down from four to one, showing each game and talking about some key features of the games. I could not talk about everything because otherwise the video would of been far too long, please bare this in mind. I talk about features that I think would appeal to anyone who loves this genre of game. If you have any questions about the games in this video then leave them in the video comments, or check out links to playlists bellow!

This video is scripted, please bare that in mind when watching, thanks.

God Eater 2 FULL GAME let’s play

God Eater 2 DEMO gameplay

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE let’s play

Ragnarok Odyssey English / Asian gameplay

Ragnarok Odyssey Japanese version gameplay

Toukiden FULL GAME let’s play + Demo gameplay

Soul Sacrifice let’s play

Soul Sacrifice DELTA DEMO Walkthrough

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