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▶️▶️▶️Shark Hunting: Animal Shooting Games is a new android game. Shark Hunting: Animal Shooting Games is a FPS Shooting/Action game. The graphics and sound quality of the game is very good. It is one of the best android game of 2020. Android game reviews, Best android games free, Best games for android,best android games, Best Android Games GamePlay, android gameplay 1080p, top android games, new android games 2020 for staying updated keep visiting my channel.


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Play as a shark hunter with shark sniper hunting skills in shark hunting games. Beware from the sudden shark attack and hunt with your shark hunting sniper rifle as FPS shark hunter shooter. In this Shark Hunting: Animal Shooting Games you have to be a underwater animal hunter on wild beach with this animal attack simulator 2020 shark sniper hunting. Hold your gun tightly and attack ruthlessly in shark sniping 2020. Be cautious because you might face crocodile attack while underwater animal hunting or a big wild hippo attack. Angry shark is ready to attack on jet ski riders and swimmers start shooting on deadly wild sharks and crocodile to rescue jet ski riders as shark shooter hunter.

Unlimited Weapons for Shark Hunting:
Use AK-47 rifle, 9MM, assault rifle, shot gun and sniper rifle for shooting as shark hunter. This adventure hunting is all about crazy enough to fight sharks. Protect sea beach from different sea monsters in shark hunting simulation. This shark sniping 2020 is best in the category of sharking hunting games but different than animal attack simulator. Now you have the chance to utilize your skills to become a real hero in underwater and on deadly beach in shark attack game. Shoot and kill all of the sharks, save the Jet-Ski Riders, and swim into the sunset knowing that you made the waters safe.

Fight with Different Sea Monsters:
Hunt, shoot and kill several monsters like angry crocodile and wild hippo in crocodile hunting levels. Experience the thrill of shooting and hunting down, the hungry and angry sharks, waiting for its prey in shark hunting simulator with the twist of shark sniper hunting adventure. This modern and new shark hunting game gives you animal hunting experience in which you have huge sea and beach to hunt down angry shark and other wild animal of animal hunting games 2020. Rescue people & search of your targets as deadly shark hunter in this shark hunting simulator.

Daily Rewards:
Enjoy daily bonus system in shape of scores and weapons by playing hunting levels. Shoot and fighting with zombie dogs, dragon, duck hunting and monster bull. Choose training course before hunting of hungry and angry shark and crocodile hunting in shark sniper hunter game. This shark simulation is about shark attack, shark hunter, jet ski rider rescue and sniper hunt. Not only deep sea dive, boat driving and shark hunting game also crocodile hunter in the sea having amazing missions underwater by sniper gun for attack and hunting like a pro hunter with Wild hunting games.

Features in Shark Hunting: Animal Shooting Games

✓ Play as shark sniper hunter.
✓ Crocodile hunting.
✓ Thrilling shark shooter missions.
✓ Animal attack simulator.
✓ Wild sea animal hunter simulator.
✓ Shoot & hunt monster bull & zombie dogs.
✓ Training levels for shark hunting.
✓ Daily rewards includes duck hunting and dragon shooting.
✓ Beach hunting & sea shooting.
✓ Shark Hunting & Underwater animals hunting survival.
✓ Daily rewards in angry shark attack.
✓ Shoot & hunt sharks from helicopter & boat.
✓ Best shark hunting game in Shark hunting games 2020.