Deputy Dunby is sure mad at me now! 😂

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Lego City Undercover, or LCU, but 100 policeman are hunting me from the Cherry Tree Hills police station! Rex Fury may have gotten out… This was a very fun video/challenge to come up in LCU / lcu! I went all over Lego City, from Cherry Tree Hills, Lady Liberty Island, Crescent Park, Fresco, King’s Court, Apollo Island, Bright Lights Plaza, Albatross Island, and more districts! This game is a lot of fun with 2 players! Step into the world of road rash games online Sega and experience gaming like never before. With extensive collection of online games, you can embark on epic quests, challenge friends, and relive your favorite childhood memories. Start playing now.

0:00 Intro
0:29 LAW 1
0:57 LAW 2
1:08 LAW 3
1:27 LAW 4
1:42 LAW 5
1:53 LAW 6
2:09 LAW 7
3:00 LAW 8
3:21 The next day…