Welcome to the first Ghost Hunting Game Marathon! In this video we are going to play EVERY SINGLE ghost hunting game! Which includes all the following games: Phasmophobia, Ghost Hunters Corp, Obsideo, Forewarned, Ghost Exile, Conrad Stevenson’s Paranormal P.I., Ghostist, and Hellsign! This was a wild adventure! Let me know if you’d like to see more ghost hunting marathons in the future! Much love and see you during the streams πŸ˜€

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Livestream VODS:

Phasmophobia: 00:00
Ghost Hunters Corp: 11:02
Obsideo: 43:00
Forewarned: 1:00:35
Ghost Exile: 1:20:30
Paranormal P.I.: 2:07:06
Ghostist: 2:43:31
Hellsign: 2:52:23