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Title: Hunting Unlimited 2011
Publisher: ValuSoft (
Developer: ValuSoft / ARBStudios (

Jump into the action with Hunting Unlimited 2011! Hunt your way across the 50 great states in three exciting challenge modes — breath in the fresh air! Trophy animals await-are you skilled enough to bag them? Hunting Unlimited has experienced great success with nearly 500,000 units sold!

* Track down 6 popular trophy animals including whitetail deer, American elk, Moose and bighorn. Watch out for brown bear and cougars — you may be their lunch!
* Find and kill the largest trophy animal in each state in Gauntlet mode.
* Kill at least two trophy animals from the same position in Straight Rail mode.
* Are you a sharp shooter? Bag 7 trophy animals in a row with one shot kills in Eight Ball mode.
* Embark on the hunt of a lifetime through 4 highly detailed environments – pine forest, rolling countryside, woodland forest summer and winter mountains.

The strongest point of this game is that you have to gain points (by hunting) in order to unlock other missions and weapons. Other than that there’s nothing new or great about it. Following the HU game series, HU 2011 is clearly a remake of HU1, the first in the series, with the only difference that it has better graphics (than HU1 of course).
Comparing the game with what comes in the box (description), it has nothing to do with it. In total you have 8 animals to hunt (different animals are really 6, but then you have the grizzly and kodiak bear, that are exactly the same… and then you have the “Lost Link” that it’s a giant bear…). The only mode that the game offers is missions and there are two types of it, Stand and Stalking.
In Stand missions, you hunt from inside a stand and have a limited time to hunt down a given number of animals, or you have to survive the attack of bears and/or wolves in rounds (if you fail, they will bring the stand down… lol).
In Stalking missions (it’s the closest thing you have to a free hunt mode) you have to hunt some animals that appear marked on the map/gps/compass. You can hunt other animals too besides the ones marked, and for that you have a bag limit. Some stalking missions will have animals that will attack you too.
About the graphics, the only things that have really nice quality are the lodge/cabin and the terrain. As for the rest… it could be much better. In some stalking missions you will even notice the lack of detail and/or textures overlapping/missing…
As for the sounds, mainly the ambient sounds, after a while they can get really annoy. Nothing more than sound loops playing without stop or any variation.
In conclusion, HU 2011 can be a fun game to play (for a while) but i definitely would NOT recommend it. Unless you are looking for a hunting game for a 5 year old child and as a first game, or if you (really) don’t have anything better to do with $20. Specially with all the others options you have in the market and some free (like The Hunter).
At ARBStudios i applaud them for this great remake of HU1. At ValuSoft… well, it’s the same thing year after year since HU4… crappy releases!!!