Hunting Simulator 2 Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this open world game based on the hunt, using various tools & also respecting the set license rules of the sport. Xbox Store: [Ad]. It provides free challenges as you aim to collect various bounties from the animals that roam the areas.

Hunting Simulator 2 Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this wild, and expansive offering with various environments. It’s open season! In stunning natural environments, choose your gear from the best official weapons and accessories and set off with your dog in search of a variety of animal species in this hunting simulation.

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#HuntingSimulator 2 #XboxSeriesX Gameplay Review of this somewhat exciting, slow paced take on the setup. Explore the plains of Colorado, the Texan desert and the forests of Europe in vast open worlds. Track down thirty-three animal species in their natural environment by using the best hunting techniques.

Kit yourself up with over one hundred and sixty weapons, accessories and clothing items from the best brands, including Browning, Winchester, Bushnell, Kryptek and Verney-Carron. Use your hunting dog to track your prey. Labrador Retriever, German Shorthaired Pointer and Beagle, each dog has its specific hunting attributes. The ultimate best Hunting Simulator 2 Xbox Series X review and gameplay.