Hunting lion is always a very sensitive subject, and it always will be. If done correctly and as part of a sustainable utilization program it is clear that it does carry a lot of benefits to wildlife.

That’s Africa Safaris, in conjunction with Kalahari Pride, offers exceptional lion hunts. You always hunt on foot following tracks in the Kalahari sand. It’s not uncommon to walk over twenty kilometers a day before finding the lion you are after. Be prepared for a hard hunt.

Rifles used:
First one was a 375 H&H, the big male lion.
The 1st lioness was a 416 Rigby.
3rd was a 500 nitro.
4th 375 H&H plains game hunt.

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00:00 Start
05:00 Male Lion
0:18:54 1st Lioness
0:33:33 2nd Lioness
0:44:00 Lechwe
0:49:49 Blesbuck

For more information on the benefits to wildlife by controlled hunting:

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