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Lordy presents minecraft…wait no actually…predator hunting grounds, the trolling lead to wtf moments, find out in this trending video. I will be covering more aliens fireteam elite gameplay and videos soon on the channel. Splitgate livestreams will be active during the week because I enjoy splitgate gameplay and will become a splitgate pro in splitgate ranked. Yoto Hime New Hero in Naraka Bladepoint gameplay & Back 4 Blood PVP Gameplay of Back 4 Blood Versus Mode is too good! And maybe more Predecessor gameplay aka Paragon 2021 soon too. Bye mates from BloodThirstyLord XD

Back 4 Blood has more beta details for those interested. The Back 4 Blood beta news includes the Back 4 blood beta launch times as well as the Back 4 blood beta maps as well as the Back 4 blood beta weapons. Bloodhunt or Blood hunt is a new battle royale game, yes a vampire battle royale game that is free!

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