Scavenger Egg Hunt #12 Location. FIESTA MAZE EVENT, New JELLY EXCLUSIVE EGG, Cinco de May Part 2 is arrives to Roblox Pet Simulator X. ⭐ Leave a LIKE and COMMENT

Fiesta Maze
The Cinco de Mayo fiesta has been extended!
Take part in the newest event activity, the Fiesta Maze!
The maze is filled with chests, break them to find the end!
At the end, find the Fiesta Eggs with the new HUGE!
Every 4 hours a Fiesta Maze starts, starting at 12PM CDT.
Plus, the Giant Piñata still spawns every 4 hours, starting at 2PM CDT.

New Pets
Party with the Sombrero Axolotl and Sombrero Corgi!
New Piñata Monkey!
HUGE Sombrero Chihuahua!

Fiesta Eggs
Complete the maze to begin hatching the Fiesta Eggs!
The Fiesta Egg has 3 new pets and 1 new HUGE!
Sombrero Axolotl, Sombrero Corgi, and Piñata Monkey.
The HUGE Sombrero Chihuahua is in this new egg!

Huge Maskot Pet
Join the BIG Games Pet group for 1% chance to get the Huge Maskot!

Jelly Exclusive Pets
Squishy, om nom nom! Colorful JELLY pets!
Featuring the brand new TITANIC Jelly Cat!
2 new HUGE pets – HUGE Jelly Corgi and HUGE Jelly Pig!

This means some pets are even more rare than others!
Huge & Titanics: 50% for Coin, 20% for Diamond, 15% for Safe, 10% for Chest, 5% for Maskot Pet
Titanics ONLY: 1% to spawn with Preston inside of them (Maskot Pet reduced to 4%)

Plus, these pets have a unique bouncing jelly walk & break animation! Too cute to capture!
Don’t miss out on the chance to hatch these limited edition pets!

Increased Piñata Odds
Increased piñata huge changes by double! To 50x from 25x!

We have added drag-to-select to the Fuse Machine!
It is now even easier to cook up those pet combinations.

Helping Newbies
– All players now have the maximum player speed upgrade
– Shop teleport is now unlocked for free for the Spawn world
– Boosted starter world coins by 50%
– More starter pets are given out as you play

Will Roblox be down this weekend? Come and find out!
Roblox Pet Simulator X will now update every week. Don’t miss out.

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