Eagle Hunting Journey‏ By Matej&co
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Description : Eagle Hunting Journey By Matej&co‏‏
Eagle hunting journey is an eagle hunting simulator with easy to learn mechanics and a simple goal – survive the day and get to fly again

Play Eagle Hunting Journey, survive the day, and get to fly again. If you are a fan of animal simulator games or bird games, our eagle game is just made for you. You can experience the thrill of being a real eagle in the wild. Become one of the most powerful birds in the forest, fight and hunt for survival and get back to your life again. The predator has only one goal- surviving for the day by hunting. Wilderness adventure games are popular among people of all ages. We have brought you the most advanced eagle simulator game to make your experience as exciting as possible. Explore an enormous world in front of you, hunt to survive, make a nest, raise your young and be the winner of life. If you are into action-packed games and have played hawk games, then this eagle game is just perfect for you. Eagle Hunting Journey is a realistic predation and parenting game where you have to feed your kids by hunting 60 different types of animals. You will have to raise them until they are strong enough to feed themselves. You need to maintain your health by eating so you can hunt faster. Playing this eagle simulator is not hard if you like predator games. The eagle view will help you target other animals. Take a look at the key features of the predator pro eagle eye game: The green forest & 3D wildlife graphics will soothe your eyes, making you sharper for hunting. – Play realistic eagle life simulator game where you will raise your family. – Start hunting 60 different types of animals and fight other predators to keep your family protected. – This bird hunting game offers you five different eagles, and you can unlock every one of them by raising your level. 4 maps will help you find your way and find prey. – More hunting & eating will improve your health bar. – Play eagle hunting simulator game free of cost. In-app purchases are available if you want to advance quicker. So, if you are looking for ultimate bird simulator games that will keep you excited throughout the gameplay, install our eagle bird simulator and start your hunting journey. Install Eagle Hunting Journey game on your iOS devices, raise your eagle family, survive in the wildest situations, and be the fierce predator of the forests, planes and mountains.
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