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Let’s start dinosaur hunting game with sniper guns to become a grand shooter in this new dinosaur games 2018. If you like hunting games then you have a chance to become best safari hunter of big dinosaurs. As a dino hunter in dino world, you have to hunt and shoot the deadly dinosaurs like Velociraptor, Titanosaurs, Allosaurus, Raptor, T-Rex, Spinosaurus & Carnotaurus. In this dinosaur jungle simulator the dinosaur fighting is going on for it’s prey by killing the good dinosaur and little dinosaur. The dino shooter can drive 4×4 luxury safari jeep in Jurassic dino forest to shoot these dangerous dinosaurs with modern snipers, guns, and new hunting rifles. So, Hunt or be hunted

So get ready for forest hunting adventure, hold the shooting gun while driving the hunting jeeps. In this Dino simulation game take your Dino hunting gun to hunt the wild animals in the dense woods forest to become the dinosaur killer in the best dinosaur games 2018. To survive in survival arena from ferocious animals don’t stand still, shoot and run away from Jurassic beasts. Aim to Kill dinosaurs from a long distances and reload guns immediately.

Experience the survival adventure of wild dino simulator game in dino zoo. Load the bullets in shooting guns and use the shooter strategy to kill Apatosaurus dino. The history animals of mysterious Jurassic island make huge rage so you need to be brave, don’t get afraid of dino roar. These wild creatures have been on the lose in dinosaur park to find the dino eggs and hunting animals, you must stop the super dino with your hunting skills. Drive armored trucks as a real rifleman hunter and shoot enemy dinosaurs before they make you their prey

Gameplay for Dinosaur Hunt Simulator 2018 Game:
Dinosaur Hunt Simulator 2018 is an exciting hunting game likely jungle survival games. This Dino shooting game have both First person shooting ( FPS ) and third person shooting modes. Like animal hunting games, the third person shooter mode enables when you hunt dino with sniper. There are various assault weapons for hunting dangerous predators of the jungles can make you a professional Dinosaur hunter.

Features for Dinosaur Hunt Simulator 2018 Game:
– New 3D Dino hunting games 2018
– 4×4 Russian hunting vehicles for dino hunting free
– This game is free to play and can be played offline
– One of the best dinosaur games
– Diverse animal life for best hunters
– Mini-map to locate the prey
– Fun dinosaurs’ sounds and animations
– Slow motion bullet effects
– Shoot accurate with sniper to have a successful hunt
– As a real hunter use sniper zoom to aim and shoot the wild animals


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