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One is a professional hunter when hunting wild jungle animals as an amateur killer of wild beasts and deer’s. A real hunting and shooting game with sniper and assault guns that you might not get in your real life. Player of this game experience a real hunting experience of deer’s and other jungle animals as a hunter in jungle without the risk of their life. As a hunter with a special sniper and assault guns to shoot deer’s and wild jungle animals. You can kill bear, rhino, deer and rabbit right now but in next versions you will be able to kill more animals. So hold your sniper and be patient. While hunting them be aware, they will attack on you and if you will not hurry these beasts will take no you to kill you and resulting in game over. The target of sniping running animals is a little challenging. So use your shooting skills to kill these animals before they attack. You have to complete the level by just hunting the animals that you have in the mission description to hunt. Have a lifetime real deer hunting fever and sniper plus assault guns shooting action adventure….!

Deer Hunting Fever FEATURES:-

– Action packed missions in the jungle full of wild animals
– First Person Shooting
– Radar system to indicate Deer’s positions.
– 3 different seasons to choose from
– Pistol, Assault rifles and Sniper rifles!
– Firepower when you most need it
– Hunt not just Deer’s, but many animals in the forest in different levels!
– Stand in awe at the beautifully rendered scenery in multiple weather seasons!

This game has IN-APP purchases. Though you can play the game without purchasing items; they increase your experience of the game many folds.

Enjoy Deer Hunting Fever 3D, the greatest hunting game yet of 2017!

Your suggestion would be our great pleasure for the improvement of the games features time to time.