Deer Hunting 2 : Hunting Season – Deer Hunter Classic – Safari Hunting Games
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Brand New Deer Hunting 2 is coming! Top deer hunting experience awaits you to challenge. Deer Hunting 2: Hunting Season starts a new era of amazing Hunting Season in 2023!
Traveling through West America, Northern Europe, and Central Africa, you’ll find a world full of challenge and excitement! Improve your hunting skill for the ultimate victory. You will hunt countless elusive animals hidden all over the world. Are you ready?
Enjoy the thrill of deer hunting!
It is a new hunting style. Bounty levels, lots of animals, cool experience!

Brand new hunting style
Visit hunting regions in West America, Northern Europe, and Central Africa, go hunting in forest, desert, plateau, grassland, snow field, rainforest, swamp, etc… During the hunt, you’ll find tons of challenge levels and bounty levels that you can join for free. Track and hunt animals like crazy in challenge mode, keep improving your hunting skills to perfection, prove that you are the best animal hunter in the world!

Rampage in bonus level
You can join for free every few minutes, kill the maximum number of targets in a limited time, which can be targets, treasure chests, animals, etc., and get points according to the kills to get a lot of money rewards.