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You are a marine biology student out at sea doing research with your professor when suddenly…a massive shark attacks! You and your professor run for your lives, only to find yourselves stranded in uncharted waters. Inspired by your professor, you embark on a once-in-a-lifetime quest to uncover many new, previously undiscovered marine species from the depths of these beautiful yet mysterious new ocean waters!


How to become a Deep Sea Hunter:

① Use your spear to hunt hundreds of different deep sea creatures! Can you collect them all?
② Complete quests to help the deep sea villagers and get cool rewards in return!
③ Hunt the four different Bosses found throughout the ocean to meet the Fish God!

And so much more!:

・Try your luck on the Deep Sea Capsule Machine to win handy items and more!
・Collect a variety of different outfits and accessories and express your own style!
・Gather scales from the fish you hunt and exchange them for extra valuable items.


◆Explore a vast deep sea world filled with adventure and hunt hundreds of different marine species!

In this diving-themed RPG you’ll discover a whole new undersea world filled with new species, friends, and more! Explore the many different themed areas, such as coral-themed, seaweed-themed, ice-themed and deep-sea themed areas, and hunt and collect hundreds of different marine species!
It’s super simple and easy to play, making it the perfect game for all ages! Simply tap the HUNT button at the right time to catch each new fish! Having trouble timing it just right? No worries! There are plenty of (free) items you can use to make hunting easier.

◆Upgrade your spear and become a more powerful hunter!

Hunt and sell fish to buy cool new spears. Buy new spears to level up, making fish easier to hunt! (All in-game items are available 100% free of charge!)

◆Collect all 300+ species and complete the Field Guide!

In [Deep Sea Hunt] there are over 300 unique marine species to discover! Collect everything from the more well-known species such as cod, angelfish or mackerel to some of the most obscure species you’ve likely never heard of before! More than just fish – you’ll discover many species of crab, shark, starfish, and more! Each species you collect is added to your personal Field Guide, complete with a description of each one! (You may learn more than you ever thought was possible about marine life!)
Collect 300+ and become a legendary deep sea hunter!

◆Enjoy plenty of cute outfits and accessories!

You can personalize your avatar with over 400 unique outfits and accessories! Find your favorite and get ready to explore the deep sea!

Game Features:
・Explore a beautiful underwater world in this diving-inspired RPG!
・Over 300 unique marine species!
・Completely free to play!
・Great way to pass the time when you’ve got some extra time on your hands.
・Enjoy a virtual diving experience at your fingertips!
・Simple and easy to play – great for RPG and gaming newbies!
・Enjoy a simple yet heartwarming aquatic-themed story!
・Like farming games? Fishing games? Survival games? Then this game’s for you!
・Enjoy customizing your avatar with 400+ different cute outfits and accessories!
・Enjoy idle games? Simulation games? Then you’ll love this game!

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