Animal Hunting Dragon 2019 by 9Logic Games

Animal Hunting Dragon 2019 – Free & Offline

Want to be a legendary jungle hunting warrior? Animal hunting 3D is an amazing FPS hunting game available on play store for free. One of the best animal hunting game is going to give you a realistic experience of jungle, wildlife, and hunting. Do not lose the chance of being a deer hunter. The jungle is full of all kinds of wild animals as deer, rhino, dinosaurs, lions and magic flying creatures as dragons. This is one of the best jungle hunting games which will take you to roller coaster ride of dragon challenge. Animal hunting 3D game is filled with adventures and challenging missions. You have to be fast and quick to draw an arrow and take down dangerous animals. This jungle is filled with most of the dangerous animals in the world.
The rules to survive the wild jungle quest are very simple. Think like a legendary hunter and get the wild animals in one arrow shot. This is one of the best interactive adventurous animal hunting games. Once the wild animals saw you they will attack you and the mission will be over. To go to the next level the previous task has to be completed. During the mission completion you will come across free arrows, try to grab them so that your quiver is always full. This lion hunting game has challenging behaviour. As a deer hunter you are not only fighting the wild animals but also with time. The tasks are to completed in fixed time limit with limited arrows in quiver. Therefore, collect all the arrows while finishing mission and try to stay alive.

Although lion hunting games are free, in order to upgrade the bow and arrow with more power and range, coins have to be collected by completing the levels. This dangerous jungle also has dragons which can only be hunted with the powerful bow and arrow only. You have to be a master hunter and archer to survive the wildlife.

Controls of the game:
Animal hunting 3D game has simple and easy controls.

• Bring the pointer on the wild animal and draw the arrow and bow. The aiming pointer has to be green to get the target
• Choose the low sensitivity pointer or high sensitivity pointer as needed
• With on-screen mouse move around the jungle for hunting rhinos, dino, lions, deer or dragons
• With run button run fast to avoid an animal attack.

In order to unlock the next levels, the hunter has to complete the tasks
• Hunting the specific number of animals
• Use a limited number of arrows