To customize weapons in red dead online you can buy different metals (like gold) or you can buy Unique weapons and weapon variants. In this video I will show all weapon variants and unique weapons in RDR2 Online.
0:00 – Weapon Customization in Red Dead Online
0:23 – Rare Shotgun
1:11 – Whitchurch Variant for Cattleman Revolver
1:32 – Bounty Hunter Variant for Bolt Action Rifle
2:27 – Collector Variant for Lancaster Repeater
2:41 – High Roller Revolver in RDR2 Online
3:16 – Bounty Hunter Variant for Schofield Revolver
3:36 – LeMat Revolver in Red Dead Online
4:27 – How to get Lowry’s Revolver
5:18 – Variants for Improved Bow
6:09 – Ibarra Variant for Mauser Pistol
6:33 – Collector Variant for Volcanic Pistol
6:39 – Winter Variant for Evans Repeater
6:49 – Krampus Shotgun
7:09 – Naturalist Variant for Varmint Rifle
7:24 – Reaper Variant for Rolling Block Rifle
7:47 – Sawed-Off Shotgun Moonshiner Variant
8:05 – Pump-Action Shotgun Variants

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