The goal of this video is to introduce 30 hunting games that are FREE on Steam. I focused on narrowing down hundreds of different types of hunting games to a list of 30, all of which you can claim, own and play whenever you wish. It’s important to understand that not all these games are for everyone, some of which have mixed reviews. And in this video, this process was not easy. I ended up with three sets of 10 games and I’ll explain them here. The first 10 games have their own Steam page in which you can review said games. The second 10 games(11-20) are all demos that do not have their own Steam page, so they do not have reviews. The third 10 games(21-30) are all demos but the full game has not yet been released. If you’d like to know more about how I went about doing it this way on this particular video, leave comments in the comment section and I’ll gladly go further into detail.