Dogs are smart and usually friendly, but they can also be vicious killers. Have you ever seen dogs massacre a fox? Do you think a dog can take on three coyotes? If you want to see some fantastic action, keep watching, as we countdown 19 insanely crazy moments of well-built dogs hunting down wild animals.

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Dogs Fighting

Three dogs gang up on a dog and pull and bite it from all sides. Some of the dogs eventually walk away, but one dog continues the massacre, when a man comes running with a shovel in hand and swings it at the aggressor, scaring him away. The black dog is badly injured, and the man must pick him up to get him out of there. To put it mildly, these dogs are quite aggressive. I’m not sure if it’s because they aren’t well cared for, but something is causing this viciousness that seems to possess them all. When one of the dogs attacks the other, it’s vicious and terrifying to watch, but all the dogs survive, including the one that was mangled.

A German shepherd faces off with an Alabai, which comes out through the fence and attacks the German shepherd. The Alabai furiously attacks the German Shepherd, but the Shepherd fights back and escapes. This dogo Argentino attacks this Kangal, but their owner separates them just in time. He then lectures both dogs, the dog mostly, because he was the instigator of the fight. The Kangal looks young and is probably still a pup, whereas you can tell the dogo is more experienced. Another small and crazy dog runs at the dogo and bites his leg. The dogo and the Kangal have calmed down and all is good on the dog front.

Dog Vs Wombat/ Chinchilla

A beagle encounters a wombat and barks at the animal incessantly. After a moment, the wombat decides it’s time to teach the dog a lesson and attacks the dog. The fight seems even and then the video cuts off. A chinchilla attacks a dog with reckless abandon, but all he manages to do is tickle the canine and arouse his curiosity. A chinchilla decides to bite this dog behind, and the dog becomes annoyed with the small creature. This chinchilla is feisty and just wants to play with the dog.

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